RollingFunds - Fintech website
Redesigning RollingFunds’ static website on Wordpress
Personal project
Scope of work
UX - UI - Wordpress development
Tools used
Wordpress, Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Miro
RollingFunds is a French fintech company that offers financing services to small and medium businesses through its network of partners.

To do so RollingFunds operates on a B2B2B model, the start-up partners up with big businesses or institutions to offer their clients ( primarily SMEs ) an easier access to working capital and bespoke financing services.

I was tasked with redesigning RollingFunds’ website. Its existing one was outdated and had several usability issues. The goal of the redesign was to create a modern, intuitive design that would explain the financing services that RollingFunds offers to its users.‍
The Problem
Redesigning RollingFund's outdated static website that was originally created by a design agency in Singapore.
To start the project, I conducted stakeholder interviews with key members of the company, including the co-founders and the project manager. Through these meetings, I gained a deeper understanding of the company's goals which was to completely redesign their static website.

They needed to present the company and its services, the financing solutions that they provide as well use the site to find prospective clients or create business partnerships.
 I conducted a thorough analysis of the existing website, including a usability review and a competitive analysis of other fintech websites. Based on my findings, I identified several areas for improvement including the need to add multiple languages on the site as well as redefining the sitemap and information architecture.
Revised Sitemap
I started this next phase by analyzing the current site's structure and proposing a new sitemap that would fit RollingFunds in its current state. This included adding multiple new pages to showcase the new financial services proposed by the company.
Lo-Fi Wireframing
Next, I created wireframes to establish the website's layout and functionality. The sitemap and wireframes were presented to the the stakehodlers for feedback and revisions were made accordingly. Once the wireframes were approved, I moved on to designing high-fidelity mockups that incorporated RollingFunds’ branding and visual identity.
This next step involved me taking the wireframes that I had developed and transforming them into mid-fidelity designs. This involved refining the visual aesthetic of the product, adding in color schemes, typography, and other design elements to make the product more visually appealing.

I worked closely with my project manager to ensure that the design accurately reflected the goals and vision of the project. This included defining the wording and messaging that would be used throughout the product, as well as making any necessary adjustments to the design to improve user experience and functionality.
Wordpress Development

I was responsible for integrating all of the design proposals, including the mockups and designs that I had created. To ensure that the final product met the design specifications, I took on the task of making the necessary design changes directly on Wordpress. To facilitate this process, I utilized the Elementor Pro plugin, which allowed me to easily customize and edit the layout and design of the website. This plugin enabled me to modify page elements such as headers, footers, and calls-to-action, as well as make changes to typography and color schemes.

One of the challenges I faced was the distance between myself and the original web design team based in Singapore. To bridge this gap, I set up regular long-distance calls with the team. We discussed the current website's strengths and weaknesses and brainstormed ideas for the new design.
Overall, the new fintech website design was a success. The redesign resulted in a significant increase in website traffic and user engagement, and the client was very pleased with the outcome. The new design provided a better user experience and increased conversions, making it a valuable investment for the client.